Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm at it again!!!!

I went to Albertson's today. It has been a long summer with not a lot of couponing. But I haven't really had to go grocery shopping either except for bread and milk of course. It's been nice. So back to today...

I got..

4 boxes of Strawberry Honey bunches of oats 1.00 each w/coupn
2 boxes of peach Honey bunches of oats 1.00 each w/ coupon
2 boxes of lightly frosted shredded wheat 1.00 each w/ coupon
20 ez mac had B1G1F coupons so they were .50 each
6 boxes of jello 1.00 each w/ coupon
13 tubes of kids Colgate toothpaste .25 eachw/coupn

Paid 30.31 Saved 77.50. I also received a 1.25 coupon for Post Pebbles cereal, a $5.00 on your next shopping order, A $20.00 rebate form from Kraft, and a notification of upcoming Fruit Snack sale. So really this trip only cost me 5.31 with rebate and $5.00 coupon. Not bad.

There are rumors that dbl coupons will come out in Sunday's paper. Remember you can use them at Smith's too.